VIDI location and rescue communication system

  • System Introduction

    The VIDI location and rescue communication system is a solution in centreless SimulHoc Network to ensure the safety of fire fighters,which is self-developed by our company. By combining digital radio, sensor chip and intelligent mobile devices ,the system can transmit the real-time fire rescue personnel action condition, vital signs and positioning information to the scene command platform in SimulHoc Network to realize the functions of rescue personnel status monitoring, vital signs monitoring, height monitoring, automatic/active alarm, location, search and rescue, relay and voice communication. The Commander can also timely release evacuation, rescue and other action instructions based on the scene through the system.

  • System Advantages

    The system comprises automatic multi-hop multi-level relay,high-precision satellite positioning timing and many other national invention patents.Its three core functions as follows ,far beyond accurate communication transmission, data signal automatic relay, high precision search and rescue represent its multiple utility functions, not only in the positioning search and rescue functions full, but also in the performance indicators far beyond the traditional communication device.

    Super communication coverage
    p>The system uses self-relay technology which is national invention patent to realize three level automatic relay communications between the devices, making the furthest communication distance up to 9 km on the ground in urban environment, can realize 4 floors underground or 100 floors above ground barrier-free communication connection. Guarantee all kinds of complicated field environment communication coverage, so that command access, monitoring access, call for access, and truly achieve on-site blindless communication coverage.

    Accurate altitude location

    The system through a variety of sensor combinations to collect data, with a large number of experimental test research and development of high-precision algorithm, making relative height measurement deviation not more than 0.5 meters, so that the floor can be accurately positioned indoors and greatly reduce the scope of search and rescue.

    Vital signs monitoring

    Through wearer an external heart rate bracelet, the system can real-time collect the heart rate data and realize remote heart rate monitoring. It’s convenient for the commanding personnel to master the status of the emergency personnel and provide sufficient information for the timely judgment of the scene.

    Intelligent alarm

    Through monitoring the information of a variety of sensor chips, a variety of state identification of the device users is realized. The alarm information is sent automatically according to different states, and the monitoring personnel are prompted in a timely manner.

    Voice guidance search and rescue

    When the system monitored the fireman's accident, the height of the floor can be located accurately by digital positioning communication handheld desk. Meanwhile, it can release the hands of search and rescue personnel through the voice guide search and rescue. Not more than 3 minutes’ search and rescue time, we can find the target in general condition.

    Real-time scene command

    According to the information from each unit, commanders can judge the risk condition of fire sites and issue evacuation and rescue directive on time. So they can make firemen guide before the danger arose.

    Intelligent Centreless SimulHoc Networks

    The communication system comprises the national invention patent of automatic multi hop relay technology. Thus the system can achieve the data signal automatic relay. Each device is both a transmitter and a receiver. Furthermore, it is a repeater. So it can receive the information from other equipment directly and indirectly. All devices compose an SimulHoc Networks.

    Excellent voice communication

    The system adopt international top audio codec chip, which can realize high quality communication, also make the communication distance multiply, beyond the traditional voice communication device through the three level automatic voice relay, firemen can operate in the scene without extra intercom device.

    Quick deployment and easy operation

    The system does not require complex base station erection, cumbersome assembly process, boot can be used, movement is deployed, so that the entire system can quickly enter the work mode. Good human-computer interaction design, simple and practical operation process, so that the whole system is no longer equipped with professional staff.

  • Application Area

    fire protection, public security, border defense, power industry, mining, forestry, oil and other industries.

  • Application Case