Technical Intellectual Property
Authorization of three national invention patents

The simulHoc centreless ad hoc network module can realize centreless remote communication among modules and is developed by using the global latest LDPC coding/decoding technology, which has 5dB coding gain compared to RS concatenated convolutional codes used by a traditional broadcasting station. With the “automatic multi-hop and multi-level relaying” communication technology having an independent intellectual property, the SH1610 module can innovatively realize automatic relaying among modules to improve coverage effect and reduce transmission distance much. This module integrates high-quality vocoder, which not only supports data transmission, but also supports voice communication. This module can be extensively applied in different industrial and civil fields such as data monitoring and collection, remote control and real-time communication.

Product Features
Ultra-remote single-hop distance
Support 8-hop voice transmission
Support 8-hop data transmission
Centreless communication network
High communication confidentiality
Simple secondary development
Technical Strengths
Multi-level mesh relaying without routing and excellent network self-curing capabilities
The relaying network is formed via the physical layer. The network nodes are routed mutually. Leaving and joining of any node will not affect communication of the whole network.
Dynamic change of network topology
Based on the ultra-high speed synchronization and signal processing technology, communication can be established and dynamic network convergence can be completed within 1ms. The ad hoc network nodes can move at any speed and any mode in the network. Nodes can change at any time via the network topology composed of wireless channels. The constructed mesh network can freely deform, fold and reconstruct to assist flexible and mobile networking of users.
Support multi-point merged transmission
This module supports multi-point merged data transmission without disturbances from overlapping areas and can form an intra-frequency simulcasting single-frequency network. The receiving nodes can merge signals relayed by different forwarding nodes to improve coverage distance and communication reliability much.
High security communication
The simulHoc centreless ad hoc network technology features very highly confidential communication transmission due to completely independent communication base band and protocol and AES256 encryption algorithm.
Three-dimensional network
Ground signals can not be directly transmitted to the ground due to large-scale construction, multi-storey basement, tunnels, mines and other special areas limited by the wired resources, complex construction structure and other factors, the simulHoc centreless ad hoc network technology can automatically relay wireless network through portable terminal, and transmit multi-hop forward to the downward signal to realize the communication between ground and underground quickly.
Technical Characteristics
Based on the technology described in the first prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (Tsinghua DTMB International), the simulHoc centreless ad hoc network technology innovatively implements technologies such as multi-level and multi-hop relaying, intra-frequency simulcasting networking and signal overlapping and merging, realizes the centreless ad hoc communication network, solves the multi-point simulcasting forwarding, solves technology difficulties such as multi-point simulcasting and forwarding and signal interference in overlapped areas. All performance indicators of this technology can reach the military standard of the America, can realize ultra-remote communication without dependence on existing public networks and private network, and can build flexible and mobile centreless ad hoc communication network.
The simulHoc centreless ad hoc network technology does not require routing. Multiple nodes determine if forwarding is enabled by quality of received signals and field strength. Relaying is improved from the multi-hop single point relaying at the network layer to the multi-hop multi-point relaying at the physical layer and from the line relaying to the mesh relaying. Relaying is performed intelligently by automatically determining quality of received signals and the field strength at the physical layer and multi-point signals are merged to improve the coverage effect and transmission distance much.
Product Parameters



Working frequency 350MHz - 470MHz
Single-hop transmission distance 3 - 5Km
Dynamic topology convergence 1ms
Transmission power 1W
Receiving sensitivity -125dBm
Operating voltage 3.6-5V
Signal to Noise Ratio threshold 1dB
Channel interval 12.5KHz
Encryption mode 256AES
Maximum hops 8 hops
Dimension 40mm x 50mm x 3.5mm
Operating temperature -20 - +60℃
Support business voice,data
Digital intercom
Real-time remote control
Emergency broadcasting
Individual communication
Emergency communication